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1785: Regent forgives coachmen for accident

Lewes 8 August

In the last we mentioned that the Prince of Wales did not show the least marked displeasure at the conduct of the post boys who overturned him on the road between Crawley and Cuckfield; on the contrary, we are now well assured that his Royal Highness ordered a guinea each to be giving them.

8 August 1785

Sussex Advertiser [this repeated an article that the newspaper published the previous week]



The Prince Regent was travelling in a post chaise (see illustration above). The post boys were seated on the horses at the front.

A post chaise was a small carriage pulled by two or four horses … The post chaise was 'steered' by postilions, or post boys, seated on the horses. There was no seat for a driver, and none was needed. One post boy was engaged to drive each pair of horses, ie a team of four horses was driven by two post boys, a lead-boy and a wheel-boy. Each rode on the left side of a pair, and wore iron guards on his right leg and foot to protect against injury from the center pole. From

One guinea in 1785 is worth about £100 today.

Illustration' Elopement' from

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.


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