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1839: Cuckfield Savings Bank a success

At the third annual meeting of the Cuckfield Savings’ Bank lately held at the Talbot Inn, Cuckfield JM Norman, Esq. in the chair. It appeared from the Report that there is a steady and progressive increase both in the amount of receipts, and also in the number of depositors; and it is satisfactory to find that those classes of depositors preponderated, for whose express benefit the institution was formed.

During the past year 44 new accounts have been opened with the bank. And the accounts now open, belong to those classes here recorded, viz.

Servants 74, labourers 30, minors 67, mechanics 12, friendly and charitable societies 9, and other accounts 10.

It cannot but be highly pleasing to see the rapid increase of depositors in Savings Banks generally, and it is to be hoped that the inhabitants of Cuckfield and surrounding parishes will encourage and uphold this institution established for no other purpose than that of the general good.

Sussex Advertiser, Monday 15 April 1839

British pennies of 1797 and 1967. Wikimedia public domain image.

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.



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