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1848: Daring theft in Anstye

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Sussex Advertiser - Tuesday 19 December 1848

Daring Theft.

—On Saturday evening as Mr Martins, shoemaker, of Hurst, was on his way to Cuckfield, he called at the Green Cross, Anstye Cross, and his great coat being wet, he pulled it off and left it until his return, when it was discovered that it had walked off. Mr Flanagan, on receiving information, shrewdly guessed that the coat might have gone off with a man in it, and discovered on Sunday morning that either the coat had run away with one Charles Brigden of Cuckfield, or Charles Brigden had run away with the coat, as they were found in company. Charley was accordingly locked up to account to Colonel Ellwood the next day for the possession of the garment.

Anstye Cross c1900



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