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1849: Counterfeiter caught out at the Green Cross in Anstye


Kentish Gazette - Tuesday 24 July 1849


Coining by Wholesale.

—A Frenchman, named Joseph Forcade, was examined before Col. Elwood, at Cuckfield, Sussex, on Saturday, on the double charge of stabbing a policeman and uttering counterfeit coin. According to the evidence, the prisoner went into the Green Cross public-house and called for a glass of ale, in payment for which he tendered a half-crown. The landlord at once discovered that it was counterfeit, and the prisoner then paid for his ale with three halfpence. 

Anstye Cross pub c1900

Information of the circumstance having been given to the East Sussex constabulary, one of the constables, Tullett by name, went after the prisoner and took him into custody. The prisoner attempted to escape, and drew a knife, with which he made two thrusts at the officer, but fortunately, without doing any mischief besides spoiling his clothes and slightly grazing his side. 

On being searched there were found on him two half-sovereigns, 19 half-crown 6, 27 shillings, and four sixpences, besides a number of threepenny and four penny pieces, all counterfeit. He had also in his possession 80 pieces of counterfeit Austrian coin, and a book and papers giving instructions for imitating various metals and casting spurious coin. The examination was carried on through the medium of a niece of the magistrate, who acted as interpreter. 

The prisoner was committed for trial on both charges. 



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