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1850s: Population growth in Cuckfield area

Visual representation of population expansion by Bing Image Creator AI

The 1855 populaion growth figures

In our last paper we directed attention to the fact that a decrease in population was evident in the Cuckfield  district, as gathered from the Registrar’s returns.  We now submit a table (kindly furnished to us), showing the population for the last half century. We repeat our statement that, in 1841, several parishes were the locale of hundreds of workmen employed in the construction of the railway. Compare 1831 and 1851, and it will be seen in comparison with the previous periods, when the census had been taken, that the population has increased in a like ratio to other parishes.

Brighton Gazette, 15 March 1855

The 1861 census

The following is the result of the census, recently taken in the undermentioned parishes:

The population of Cuckfield is somewhat less than an 1841, at that date we had a very great influx of labourers, and others connected with the Railway, which was then being constructed.

The Sussex Advertiser, Surrey Gazette 13  May 1861

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.

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