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1853: Fun on the vicar's lawn

On Thursday last the children of the National School, together with these of the Dame Schools, and the Union children, received their annual treat. The treat, which is gratuitously given them successively by three gentlemen, was on this occasion supplied by the vicar, the Rev. T. A. Mabberly.

Soon after noon that gentleman's grounds were thrown open for their reception, and in a short time presented a scene of youthful enjoyment. Bat and trap, cricket, and other suitable amusements, were provided for the boys, while the girls occupied themselves at swinging, football, etc.

At about the usual hour tea was provided on the green, and 220 children with smiling faces did justice to the rev. gentleman's liberal supply. Each one having done their best at the table, they again returned to their several amusements until the shades of evening closed on the merry scene, when they adjourned to an out-building on the premises, and were much amused by the scenes of a magic lantern.

The hour of separation having at last arrived, the ‘little people’ returned to their respective places of abode, highly gratified with the enjoyments they had had, and we are sure not less thankful to the vicar for his kindness and liberality.

Sussex Advertiser, 16 August 1853

Photo: The Old Vicarage, Cuckfield Wikimedia public domain image.

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.


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