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1854: Why can't we have letter boxes like the ones in Cuckfield?

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Brighton Gazette - Thursday 19 October 1854



At Editor of the Brighton Gazette. Sir, —Is there any good reason that in this populous and widely spread parish of Lindfield the Post Office letter-box closes for the day at noon on Sunday mornings, so that should I have letters to send, and alas I have always plenty, and if they are not ready by twelve, or rather a quarter to eleven o’clock, we all go to Church at that time.

Cuckfield Post Office (colourised) circa 1910

I have to walk over to Cuckfield, whatever the weather may be, some three or four miles off, as in that more favoured village you may drop your letters in the box till ten at night. If this can be done at Cuckfield, why not at Lindfield? It really is, Mr Editor, a great nuisance; so pray raise your powerful voice to get it abated, and oblige the whole parish and especially

Your faithful Servant,

A Scribe but not a Pharisee.

Lindfield, Oct. 16.



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