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1857: Gun accident - member of shooting party shot in the face

Brighton Gazette - Thursday 22 October 1857

Gun Accident.—At Cuckfield, on Thursday morning, a party of Brighton gentlemen and tradesmen were shooting on Mrs Cook’s farm, in the neighbourhood of Cuckfield, when Mr George Cheesman, sen., in discharging his gun at a partridge, lodged a portion of the contents in the person, or on the person, of his friend, Mr William Walls, who was standing within 25 yards of him.

Royal hunting party 1860 (photograph courtesy of philographikon)

We believe that in raising the gun to fire, the piece went off, from some accident, before Mr Cheesman was prepared. Mr Walls was stunned and staggered, but the services of Mr Byass being immediately secured, it was found that with the exception of a few shots lodging in the cheek and over the eye-brow, no serious injury had been inflicted, if we except his hat, which received the greater portion of the contents.



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