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1858: 22 bridesmaids, two brides

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Ockenden House (Manor)

In 1858 Cuckfield Vicar Rev Henry Fearon performed a wedding ceremony for two nieces with a reception in the grounds of Ockenden house (Manor).

“Fashion at Brighton: fashionable marriages: Married on Tuesday 7th September, at Cuckfield Church, by the Rev. H. Fearon, uncle of the bride, the Rev. Thos. A. Smith to Etha [sic] Anne Fearon; also Henry Potts Esq., to Constance Fearon, both the brides being the daughters of J.P. Fearon, Esq., of Cuckfield.

Upwards of 140 partook of a dejeuner a la fourchette in a marquee in front of Mr Fearon’s [John Peter] house, the marquee being tastefully adorned with flags, banners etc.. The two brides were led to the altar by their father, J.P Fearon, Esq., and there were no less than twenty-two bridesmaids accompanying them. The Rev. Henry Fearon performed the marriage ceremony, assisted by the Rev. T.A. Maberley, Vicar of Cuckfield, and the Revs. H. Hawkins and Cooper, curate. The church was crowded to excess…”

Morning Chronicle, Friday September 10, 1858

NOTES: Born in 1802, in Cuckfield, Sussex, Henry Fearon was the son of Rev. J.F. Fearon, and was a graduate of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. In 1863, Henry Fearon became Archdeacon of Leicester.

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.



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