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1862: Brantridge treat for Union House children

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Brighton Gazette - Thursday 29 May 1862


Treat to the Union House Children.

A kind invitation having been given by Captain Meek to the Governor of the Union House to bring the children under his care to Brantridge for a day’s holiday, Tuesday se’nnight was fixed on. There were 36 boys, under the guidance of Mr Taylor, the schoolmaster, and 28 girls, under Miss Gardner, schoolmistress.

They proceeded in a waggon, kindly provided by Mr Boniface, decorated with flags and banners, kindly supplied from the National School. On reaching Brantndge, they were warmly welcomed, and cakes and buns distributed.

Brantridge c2020

Captain and Mrs Meek had made arrangements for every kind of amusement on the lawn and the grounds, and a merry afternoon was spent. There was cricket, trap and ball, the swing, and dancing on the green. The fife and drum band of the 2nd Sussex, from Cuckfield, all boys was also with them.

At the close of the day, as the happy party were about to depart, three cheers were given for Captain and Mrs Meek and family; and the same for Mrs Meek’s father, who was present.


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