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1863: Monthly muster of Cuckfield and Lewes corps

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Brighton Gazette - Thursday 02 July 1863


The monthly muster of the Cuckfield corps took place on Friday, when they were joined by the Lewes corps, with their fine brass band. The Lewes corps, on arrival at Cuckfield piled arms opposite the Talbot Hotel, and at three o’clock the 2nd Sussex began to muster, Captain Meek with his four-in-hand, loaded inside and out, arriving, Lieutenant Hankey also bringing a “trap”, full, and a capital party arriving from Lindfield.

At about half-past three, the Lewes bugleman sounded the call, and the men formed in front of the Talbot, while the Cuckfield corps mustered at the Armoury Yard, marching round the Captain’s Lane, and joining their comrades at Best’s Corner, where they fell into the rear. The Lewes band struck up a quick march, and the battalion marched to Cuckfield Park.

The Talbot Hotel c1870; where the Lewes corps mustered

The muster consisted of 2nd Sussex, Captain Commandant Meek, Captain Sergison, Lieuts. Hankey and Loder, Ensign Thompson and Dr. T. S. Byass, Assistant-Surgeon; Drill Sergeants Pears and Martin, Quarter- Master-Sergeant Best, Sergeant Tester, Corporals Wenham and Goss; privates, 63 , Fife-Major Anscombe, and Band, 30.- Total, 105, The Lewes Corps consisted of Captaln Hunt and Ensign Beard, with 30 rank and file. and Band, 15; making a (with Sergeant-Major Dibbin) 3rd battalion, of 152. Arrived at the park they were formed into three companies: Lewes, 1st, Captain Hunt; 2nd. Cuckfield, Captain Sergison; 3rd, Cuckfield (recruits). Lieutenant Hankey. Sergeant Major Dibbin acted as instructor, and put the men through the movements.

The day was delightful, and a good company was present, the bands alternately playing airs beneath the fine old avenue lime trees.



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