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1865: Tall story - shot fired at station

An 1853 Enfield Rifled Musket manufactured by the London Armoury Company

Cuckfield - the Rifles

Dismissal of one of the Corps - John Holford the gigantic recruit, who stands in his stockings 6ft 8in, has been ignominiously turned out of the corps for gross misconduct in firing off his loaded rifle on the platform at Haywards Heath Station, when it was crowded with people, returning from the Brighton Review on Easter Monday. The railway company have caused a warrant to be issued for his apprehension, but finding this out he has made himself scarce, after a very narrow escape. His height and size will, no doubt, soon betray him.

Chichester Express and West Sussex Journal, Tuesday 23 May 1865

NOTES: The weapon was probably an Enfield Rifle Musket made in the mid-19th century. Originally the term 'rifle' referred only to muskets that had been produced as a smoothbore weapon and later had their barrels replaced with rifled barrels.

Photo: Wikimedia public domain image

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.



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