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1866: Winter entertainment at 'The Old School' is much appreciated

Sussex Advertiser - Wednesday 21 February 1866



These highly interesting and popular entertainments have been carried on here during the winter season, a few individuals having joined together to improve themselves and amuse their neighbours by giving, with the kind assistance of a few gentlemen, readings and musical pieces in the School-room, every week.

The old Schoolroom (c2020)

The Rev. J. Stuchbery presided on Wednesday evening. W. Payne, Esq (Hatchlands,) read two chapters from an interesting work, describing the experience of two christian young men; Mr. Bray, a tale from "All the Year Round," and the Chairman, "The Well of St. Keyne."

A musical performance by a string band followed, and Mr. S. Willett sang a song written in commemoration of the late Lovell Byass, Esq., “Dame Durden,” - (to commemorate St. Valentine's day): the anthem “Behold How Good and Joyful," was then given by Mr. C. Wretten, Mr. J. Burtenshaw, and Mr. S. Willett.

In the absence of a piano-forte the pieces were accompanied on the violoncello, by Mr. J. Napper. The evening passed off very pleasantly, and the whole the performances were much applauded.


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