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1867: Cuckfield Police Superintendent retires

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Brighton Gazette - Thursday 24 October 1867


Retirement of Superintendent Akehurst from the Police Force.

—We are sorry to hear that Cuckfield is shortly about to lose its worthy and respected Superintendent of Police, Mr Akehurst, who retires on a superannuation pension from the force in month.

Policeman c 1865

During the many years he has so consistently filled the office and been stationed here he has won the respect of all classes, for although energetic and firm in the discharge of his duty, and active and intelligent in carrying out his purpose, bis urbanity, kindness, and sympathetic treatment of those confided to his care, while it raised the admiration of the more orderly, drew forth the gratitude and good feeling of even the most depraved.

We may venture to predict that the inhabitants of the district will not suffer him to leave office without a substantial testimony of the regard they have so long felt for him.



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