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1867: Hunter wounded in shooting accident

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Brighton Gazette - Thursday 3 January 1867


SERIOUS Accident. —

As James Callow, veterinary surgeon, R.A., and Mr Button, of Lucas farm, were out shooting yesterday se’nnight; they started and startled a rabbit on a bank where there was no hedge.

Mr Button shot at and missed it, but Mr Callow, who was on the other side of the bank, received the charge at a distance of four yards, just above the knee, the shots passing through the muscle of the leg, and many of them lodging in his other knee, cutting him down of course. He also got a corn or two in the hand, shoulder, and chest, which shows that some intervening object, the top of the bank probably, retarded the force, and partially scattered the charge, or his leg must have been completely shattered.

Lee Enfield Hunting Rifle c1865

He was taken at once in a fly to the house of his father-in-law, Mr Jenner, of the King’s Hotel, Cuckfield, and was attended by Dr Saunders. The injury sustained has not been ascertained to a certainty, but Dr. Saunders has hopes that the cap of the knee is not materially injured, although the patient is severely hurt beyond doubt.


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