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1868: Cutting edge frozen egg experiment

In order to stock the lakes of New Zealand, several boxes containing the ova of the ‘omble chevalier.' a species of chart, have been brought with very great personal labour by Mr EV Lindon from the neighbourhood of Munich. These have been presented by the King of Bavaria.

The whole of the details of packing the various ova in the boxes have been undertaken by Mr J Youl, who has given his gratuitous and experienced services in this most important matter.

Living fish will also be sent out on board the Celestial Queen - viz. gudgeon from the Thames, presented by Mr S Ponder, who has now in his hatching toughs at Hampton upwards of 70,000 salmon ova for the Thames. Carp and tench presented by Mr Higford Burr, of Aldermaston Park, and also some eggs of pure Dorking fowl, presented by Mr HD Harrison, of Cuckfield, placed in the icehouse, to see if the low temperature will arrest the development in them, as it has been proved to do in the case of the eggs of fish.

Should the experiment succeed, it will open up a new feature in practical natural history i.e. the transport of the eggs of valuable game birds from distant localities. We, therefore, look forward to the result with anxiety.

The Argus (Melbourne, Victoria), 25 Mar 1868, The Acclimatisation Society

Illustration of prize Dark Dorkings from 'Our Birds' Date 1902. Wikimedia public domain image.

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.

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