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1873: Bear's bullocks and fair pleasure

Herd of bullocks

The Pleasure Fair on Tuesday was but the ghost of former days, the visitors and amusements being equally scanty. Cheap Jack, with his wonderful bargains was the chief source of attraction, and in addition there was a “merry go round,” a peep show, and a few gingerbread and toy stalls.

Mr Beard’s Bullocks

The steer that was attacked at Handcross and left behind by the drover, died on Thursday evening. Mr Crowhurst also made a post-mortem examination of this one, and pronounced the cause of death the same as that of the one that died at Whiteman's Green, there not being the least signs of disease in either. The remaining 12 were sent the next day to Rottingdean by rail from Hayward’s Heath.

Chichester Express and West Sussex Journal, 23 September 1873

NOTE: The term "cheap Jack" (sometimes "cheapjack") refers to a seller of cheap or inferior quality goods. The person being referred to is often a travelling sales person.

Photo from taken May 2011 in the Bowmont valley just upstream from Yetholm., near Kelso on the Scottish Borders. Public domain image.

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.

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