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1877: Christmas treat for the schoolchildren

On Thursday evening the children attending the Sunday School were, through the kindness of of the Rev. H Hollingworth, given their annual treat. After tea the juveniles were highly amused by a magic, lantern exhibition, admirably carried out by the Rev. TA Maberly, the respected vicar, Miss Maberly playing some cheerful tunes on the piano during the excellent views.

When the curtain was drawn, and the huge Christmas tree was displayed to view, there was a great uproar of joyful exclamation. The presents were afterwards distributed, not one child being forgotten, and all departed to their homes highly delighted with the treat that had been afforded them.

The Sussex Advertiser, 6 January 1877

Illustration from The Illustrated London News 25 December 1858, by JA Pasquier

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.

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