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1877: Narrow escape of three year old in Cuckfield

Sussex Agricultural Express - Tuesday 11 September 1877


Mr H Neville, fly proprietor of this town, whose care and skill in driving has been remarked by many, unwittingly performed an achievement which, under better informed circumstances he would doubtless not have attempted.

Pickford's fly van 1826

He was driving a fare to the station at a pretty brisk pace, when having to pass a vehicle on his left he suddenly encountered a beggar’s wallet lying in the ditch on his right. By skilful driving he contrived to pass it without touching it, and it was fortunate he did so, for on an eye-witness going to the spot, he was not a little startled to discover a boy, about three years of age, curled up beneath the wallet, fast asleep.

His escape was very narrow indeed, the wheels of the fly having been within a single inch of his head. A couple of gipsies, who had been spending the evening on a cadging expedition, came along soon afterwards, and carried off the sleeper.


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