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1878: 2 year old girl knocked down by a horse outside Bedlam Cottage.

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Sussex Advertiser - Tuesday 17 September 1878

Accident.—A little girl, Jane Wood, aged two years, residing at Bedlam cottage, had a very narrow escape on Saturday evening.

Straying into the road, behind her elder sister, she ran against the horse of a fly which was coming from Haywards Heath station towards Cuckfield. Before the driver had time to pull up the child was knocked down by the horse. The driver, Cook, to whom not the least blame is attached, instantly stopped, and the gentleman in the fly jumped out and assisted in extricating the child from beneath the vehicle.

Bedlam Cottage c1930 colourised

They drove rapidly to Cuckfield and sent surgical assistance. Happily, although trampled on by the horse, the little one had escaped the wheels, and only received a cut on the thigh from the horse's hoof and a few slight contusions.


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