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1878: Carriage accident - horse careered two miles

A carriage drawn by a horse, and driven by Mr Warren’s coachman, was going towards the railway station [from Balcombe] on Thursday evening, when the horse took fright at a passing train. The animal ran down the steep incline, and overturned the vehicle on a heap of muck.

A man, who was riding with the coachman, was thrown into the hedge; and the driver was dragged for some distance along the ground. He was considerably injured. The horse continued its mad career for upwards of two miles, towards Cuckfield being eventually stopped by two boys near Tanyard Farm, Brook Street. It was found that the shaft of the carriage was broken and other damage done. The animal singularly escaped uninjured.

The Sussex Advertiser, 14 December 1878.

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.

Lithograph from Wellcome Collection, Wikimedia public domain image.



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