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1878: Fine pyrotechnic display for Bonfire Night celebrations

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Sussex Advertiser - Wednesday 06 November 1878

CUCKFIELD. Bonfire Night.

—The 5th November was celebrated on Tuesday night in grand style, the bonfire assembling at 6 p.m. the Talbot Hotel, dressed in all kinds of fanciful costumes, some very grotesque, with a full band of musicians, attired in night gowns and frilled night caps, their first march being to the Ship Inn, Whiteman's Green.

On returning a grand procession was formed, including the effigy of Guy Fawkes, but minus that of the Pope, a grand triumphal car bearing Britannia, surmounted by boys representing the costumes of our several colonies, admirably got up, with emblematic banners, tar barrels, torches, beacons and coloured lights making a splendid spectacle, the street being crowded by several thousands of sightseers.

Parading round by the brewery, Ockenden House and the Armoury they turned up past the Kings Head Hotel to the Talbot, where a speech was delivered from the car by the representative of Britannia, the procession proceeding afterwards up town to the Rose and Crown Inn where, a large bonfire being prepared, the arch traitor was committed to the flames, with a very fine pyrotechnic display.

Cuckfield Bonfire and fireworks to music is still an extremely popular event in Cuckfield and generates a large amount of money for local causes. Photograph courtesy of

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