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1878: Keeping up a cricket tradition in Ansty

Sussex Advertiser - Tuesday 17 September 1878

Harvest Home at Anstye Cross —The farmers around Anstye have been in habit, for 60 years and upwards, of giving their men a holiday at the close of harvest. Invariably there is a game of cricket, in the primitive style of a century since—each bowler taking his turn as the ball comes into his hands.

St John's mission Chapel Anstye c1910 (the Chapel adjoined the cricket pitch)

In the present case Mr Webber, of Anstye farm, and Mr Taylor, of Riddens, with their men, contended against Mr Elvis, of Lower Little Ease, and Mr Reynolds, and their men, aided by draught from neighbouring farmers.

The former came off victors, but the scores on both sides were small. A single innings match, that caused vast amusement, was engaged in, after which the party adjourned to the Cross Inn, where Mr and Mrs Young set before them a capital spread; and a merry and jovial evening was passed.

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