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1878: Tragic fatality in Cuckfield

Kent & Sussex Courier - Friday 30 August 1878


Fatal Accident. —A melancholy and fatal circumstance occurred at Cuckfield on Tuesday evening. 

A boy named Hobden, who was in the employ of Mr Herriott, at Brighton, the occupier of the Moonhill Farm, was sent by the bailiff, George Stanley, to lead a cow to Mr Elvis's, a neighbouring farmer.

Moonhill Farm c2005 The former farm buildings now house a small business park which includes Vivid Wines and Stone republic.

A short time after two men travelling on the road from Brighton found the cow grazing in Poyner Flat, with the boy dragging behind her. On releasing the lad he was found to be dead, and it was then discovered that the cord was tied around his waist, and that he had been dragged _ and trampled on by the animal. Mr T. Pennifold identified the deceased as his grandson, and had the body conveyed to his house.



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