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1882: A good number see Cuckfield victory at the Park

West Sussex County Times - Saturday 07 January 1882


A match between the above Club, was played on Saturday last in Cuckfield Park, before a good number of spectators. The weather was all that could be wished, although a little more wind would have been desirable. The visitors won the toss and elected the lower goal. Cuckfield had a strong team and they played a good game. In a short time after play E Cooke secured the ball, and dribbling in down the left side, middled it to C. H. Waugh, and the latter rushing it through. scored the first goal for the home team. The Hornets tried hard to return the compliment, but although the ball was several times taken into the Cuckfield quarters, they could not succeed in getting the ball between the posts.

Netflix reconstruction of the 1883 match between Old Etonians and Blackburn Mill Workers

The Cuckfield men played up well. Jennings (captain), A. Cooke, and E. Cooke passed the ball from one to the other, and the latter succeeded in securing a second goal for his side. On changing ends the Hornets made strenuous efforts to avert defeat, Measures (captain) and Charrington playing pluckily. The home team had a really brilliant goal-keeper (R. Anscombe), and though the ball came time after time straight to him he succeeded in catching it and throwing it back into play. At the call of time, Cuckfield had won by two goals to love. Besides those mentioned, C. H. Clark (half-back) and Crowhurst (back) for the Hornets, and H. Turner (back) for Cuckfield showed good form.

The sides were as follows : —Hornets : H. B. Measures (captain). F. Victor, Cox, Charrington. Hedgcock, and W. Curtis (forwards) ; C. G. Freeman and C. H. Clark (half-backs) ; H. F. Diplock and O. Crowhurst (backs) ; and substitute (goal).— Cuckfield: W. Jennings (captain), C. H. Waugh, P. Waugh, A. Cooke, E. Cooke, and W. Robinson (forwards), L. A. Waugh and and A. Anscombe (half-backs) ; A. Dumsday and H. Turner (backs) ; and R. Anscombe (goal).

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