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1882: Skating enthusiasts are victims of changeable weather

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

West Sussex County Times - Saturday 16 December 1882



--- The rapid and changeable weather which visited our district during the past fortnight -first rain, then snow, and next a sharp frost caused the pond etc. in the neighbourhood to be coated with ice, greatly to the delight of the skaters, who have not had the advantage of enjoying their favourite pastime for nearly two years.

About a dozen of the youthful fraternity, too anxious to amuse themselves on the park round pond, eastward of the mansion betook themselves thither on Sunday afternoon, and Henry Measor and George Dumsday presently found themselves up to their necks in water, and begrimed with mud, whilst Nathaniel Mercer and John Bennet scrambled out after being well soaked at their lower extremities.

Image courtesy of Patrick Baty....

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