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1883: 'Depraved woman' - policeman claims he 'never met with such a disgusting case'

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 23 January 1883


Agnes Colman (48), tramp, who said she came from Norwich, was charged with being drunk and disorderly in the High Street, Cuckfield, on the previous (Wednesday) evening.—Supt. Avery, who proved the case, said in all his experience he never met with such a disgusting case.

She was making a disturbance, and kicking up a great row in the street during the evening, and he persuaded her to leave the town at once, but she was intoxicated, and would not do so.

Cuckfield High Street c1890 (colourised)

She then laid down in the road, and acted indecently, swearing most horribly all the time. The Superintendent took her into custody, and she told that officer that she hoped the “blooming” magistrates would give her six months. She knew Lewes Gaol, and had been there before, and didn’t care if she went there again; Mrs. Colman also informed the police that her Iast gaol visit was to Portsmouth a few weeks ago.

The Superintendent and his wife had had a deal of trouble with her during the night, and she had devoted a good half-hour before breakfast that morning swearing and cursing in a frightful manner.

—Sentenced to Lewes gaol for one month’s hard labour.



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