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1887: The Jesse window

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

This article dates from 1887 and was published in the Mid Sussex Times:

The Jesse Window which we announced some time ago was to be placed in the north-west side of the Parish Church, by Lady Burrell in memory of her husband and son, has now been completed with the exception of the guards. The figures on the window trace the genealogy of Christ down from Jesse the father of David, hence the derivation of the title.

The artistic part of the work has been carried out by Mr CE Kempe, of Lindfield, with great success. The treatment of the faces represented is remarkably good, and the result is to produce a very subdued effect.

The lower part of the window bears the inscription: "In adoring praise of the Holy Incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ, and in loving memory of Walter Henry Wyndham Raymond, her son, and of Walter Wyndham Burrell, Baronet, M.P., her husband, Dorothea, Lady Burrell, his widow, dedicates this window July, 1887."

The stone work was executed by Mr F Hounsell, the local mason.

Mid Sussex Times, 11 October 1887

In Cuckfield Connections we will shortly post an article on Charles Eamer Kempe (29 June 1837 – 29 April 1907) who was one of the finest stained glass window makers in the country with a studio in London, but he lived in Lindfield and worked with Norman & Burt in Burgess Hill on a number of his Sussex projects.

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.

We will shortly have an article about the artist, CE Kempe, who created the Jesse window, and so much more in the Holy Trinity Church, Cuckfield.

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