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1888: Cuckfield should use local stone for roads

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Southern Weekly News - Saturday 12 May 1888


The Cuckfield Local Board in settling their road making estimates for the ensuing year, seem to have a desire to experiment in the direction of a suggestion that was made during the past winter—that parishes which were 'geologically favoured' with a supply of hard stone should use the same upon their roads in preference to importing flints for that purpose.

High Street c1875 colourised

The Cuckfield Board have instructed their surveyor to use hard local stone, if such can be found in the district, upon the road that runs from the town of Cuckfield towards the Haywards Heath station, as far as Butler's Green. If a suitable stone can be obtained in the parish, using such material keeps a large sum of money circulating in the district, instead of sending it away, and provides labour for local men. The Cuckfield Board have also resolved that the whole Board shall be the Works Committee. The Haywards Heath and Cuckfield Boards are now similar in this respect.


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