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1890: The Circus comes to town

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 16 September 1890

Circus Entertainments.

The town has received visits from two travelling troupes of entertainers during the week, both of which have been located in the Rose and Crown Hotel field.

On Tuesday evening a circus and menagerie was the attraction, the daring feats of Colonel Chevalier E. D. Boone with five lions, assisted by Mdlle. Milli Carlotta, being watched with great interest by large number of spectators.

Page from 'The Life, Love and Adventures of Colonel and Chevalier Edgar Daniel Boone The King of the King of Beasts, and Mlle. Carlotta, the Lion Queen'. 1893

—On Saturday Julian's international circus drew large audiences, and this establishment sustained its well-known reputation for performances of the intrepid equestrians and acrobats, and of its clever horses.

Both circuses had an outside spectacle which processioned the streets, Mr. Julian's turn-out being quite dazzling in the new costumes bright and gay with shining tinsel worn by the company of artistes.

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