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1900s: Voices on a foggy evening

My grandmother and her sister, my great aunt Amy, lived their early lives in Cuckfield. One evening, and back then in the early 1900's that meant almost pitch black - they were both walking home from church.

They heard f00tsteps behind them, getting closer and closer. When these footsteps came really close a man's voice said: 'Foggy night isn't it?' The two girls did not answer.

Seconds later they came across a gas lamp that showed the whole road in front of them and behind. The sound of the footsteps had stopped but there was no sign of the person who had spoken to them. Luckily they were close to their family house so they ran home as fast as they could.


Sam Bourne, the best poacher in Sussex by Ken Bourne, KSB Resources and Publishing Company, Forest Grove, Canada 2017. Check it out!

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.



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