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1902: Easter Marble Day

In some parts of Sussex Good Friday, of all days in the year, it distinguished as ‘Marble Day’. To name one place in particular, at Cuckfield in that county, it is the custom for men and boys of all ages to play marbles on that day, and, we are told men of mature years indulge in the pastime with an earnestness that would grace more important pursuits.

Kilmore Free Press (Kilmore, Victoria), 11 Dec 1902

Photo: The Cuckfield garrison of the Sealed Knot taking part, and quickly eliminated, at the World Marbles Championships, Tinsley Green, on Good Friday 28 March 1975. The author looking very pensive in the centre. Note the snow on the day which led to a few goose pimples for another team on the day - a team of ‘Bunny girls’ from the Playboy Club in London.

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.


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