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1904: 'Mementos' placed in West Tower of Church

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 15 March 1904

There has been placed in the west tower of Cuckfield Church, the parochial registers of which date from the year 1598, the works of an ancient hand-wrought clock made and erected in the year 1667 by Isaac Leney, probably of Cuckfield.

West Tower Cuckfield Holy Trinity Church c2020

The clock, after doing its duty at the church for 200 years, stopped one morning while striking the hour of eleven. It was taken down in and lay in the belfry until placed in its present position by Canon Cooper and the Churchwardens (Mr FM Hampden Turner and Mr. A. Beeching) as a memento and "to shew the ancient history of the parish ”



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