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1904 - One of Cuckfield's earliest Walking Races ends with valuable prizes for competitors

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 21 June 1904


The Walking Match which took place here on Wednesday evening between Frederick Field (a jobbing gardener, aged about 47 years), and Rowland Hoath (a miller's employee, aged about 23 years), excited a good deal of interest. The course selected was a circular one of about 81/4 miles, starting from the King’s Head Hotel, Cuckfield, via Ansty, Bolney, Pit’s Head Crossways, Warninglid Lane, Slough Green, Whiteman's Green and Cuckfield, back to the starting place.

The KIngs Head Hotel - the start and finish of the 1904 Walking Race

The start was made at seven o’clock, and the competitors walked in opposite directions, Hoath going off through the town and Field by way of Ansty. Hoath was first man home, his time being 1h. 24min. 7sec. Field arrived 8 min. 11 sec. later. The match was the outcome of some chaff, but a subscription prize fund was started and readily found supporters, so that two prizes of 18s. and 12s. respectively were provided, and a tobacco pouch for each competitor.

The competitors’ performances were considered most satisfactory, and an enthusiastic crowd welcomed the walkers on arriving home. Mr. Morfee acted as treasurer, Mr. Homewood starter and judge, and Mr. Hubert Bates timekeeper. Mr. J. Pledge accompanied Hoath as umpire and Mr. T. Wells went with Field.



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