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1905: New Year's Eve dancing until three

Annual, Servants' Dance At Cuckfield Park.

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By the kindness of Mr and Mrs. Breitmeyer, of Cuckfield Park, the servants of that establishment held their annual dance on Friday, when a very enjoyable evening WAS spent. After the opening dance, which began at nine o'clock, Mr Breitmeyer said he was leaving them to enjoy themselves. He was glad to see them all gathered together on the eve of the New Year, and Mrs. Breitmeyer joined him in wishing them all a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year, when it arrived.

About twelve o'clock, supper being over, Mr Whyte rose and said that he had pleasant duty to perform. He asked all to fill their glasses and drink to the ‘Long life, health and happiness of Mr. and Mrs. Breitmeyer and family’, by whose kindness they were again able to meet at the end of the old year. The company responded with "For he's a jolly good fellow and much cheering.

The toast of ‘The Guests’, proposed by Mr Macfayden, was ably responded to by Mr Wallace, who in closing said he took the opportunity to thank the indoor staff at Cuckfield Park for the very enjoyable and palatable repast they had just finished.

After the toast of ’The Musicians’ (Mr Finch and friends from Haywards Heath) had been proposed by Mr. Wilson and duly acknowledged the company resumed dancing in the dining room, the same being kept up till about three o'clock, when the company broke up with the singing of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ and ‘God save the King’.

Mid Sussex Times, 3 January 1905.

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