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1907: 83 weds 32 - Pastor and Nurse

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Evening Express 2nd January 1907

Old fashioned Cuckfield was agog with excitement yesterday, when the Reverend Robert Martin, the Baptist minister, was married to nurse Roberts, whose acquaintance he made while visiting the inmates in the infirmary ward at the workhouse.

Mr Martin, who lost his wife eight years ago, is a tall man, but the weight of his 83 years has bent his back and frosted his hair. His brother was a former mayor of Brighton.

Nurse Roberts’ 32 years sit lightly upon her and she has a most winning manner. None of her friends knew that a marriage had been arranged until the Cuckfield guardians were informed last week that the ceremony was fixed for New Year's Day.

She asked to be excused from further service, but the guardians, putting duty before pleasure, declined to allow her to quit her post until her month’s notice had expired.

The marriage took place by special license at 9 o'clock in the Seion Baptist Chapel Cuckfield.

The bridegroom is suffering from influenza, and it was doubtful whether he would be well enough to leave his room especially as the weather was bad.

Former Baptist Chapel Polestub Lane in 2021, currently being converted to a private dwelling

He did not, however disappoint his bride. She arrived punctually with her brother, Mr David Roberts, Liverpool. Her wedding dress brown in colour, was made in Brighton, with it she wore a beaver toque. The little chapel was almost filled with a curious crowd, who listened intently to Mr Webb, of Brighton, who conducted the service. Nurse Jones, of Cuckfield, a former colleague of the bride, was the only guest. Mr Martin flushed a little as he said "I will," and the bride responded somewhat nervously. The newly wedded couple will be besprinkled with confetti as they passed to their carriage.

The wedding cake, a large one, was decorated with a silver band. After it had been cut, Mr Martin returned to his sick room.

Jill Harwood writes:-

The Rev Martin lived to be 92, he died in Dec 1915 in Liverpool, where his young wife came from.


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