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1909: Mutiny veteran celebrates 50 years of marriage in the Workhouse

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Weekly Irish Times - Saturday 13 February 1909


Francis Furlonger, Crimean and Indian Mutiny veteran, and his wife, who are inmates at the Cuckfield (Sussex) Workhouse, have just celebrated their golden wedding.

Furlonger, who is seventy-nine, received a Crimean medal, with clasps, for Sevastopol and Inkerman. In the latter battle he was wounded in the leg, and injured internally while elevating a gun.

Crimean War Soldier at Inkerman c1856

He assisted in the relief of Lucknow, but he never, to his regret, received a medal, having finished his twelve years’ service with the Marines before the medals were distributed. A special campaign pension of 1 shilling a day was granted him, but Furlonger lost this on entering the workhouse.



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