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1909: Why 'them and us' in the Churchyard?

That Mr Robert Martin, who has lived in Cuckfield since 1872, is about to remove to the North of England.

That the Baptist cause in the town, and also the poor, will miss him very much.

That some thirty years ago a quick-set hedge divided the ground in Cuckfield Cemetery where Church people and non-conformists were buried.

That Mr Martin, who was then a member of the Burial Board, asked: 'Why this invidious distinction?'

That eventually he succeeded in getting his colleagues to consent to its being grubbed up, which action was appreciated by local non-conformists.

From 'What folks are saying in' Mid Sussex Times, 28 September 1909

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.

This spectacular drone photograph of the Holy Trinity Church, Cuckfield is on More Radio's website, published by Jade McLean on 12 December 2022. Taken by Eddie Mitchell (?).



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