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1910: What to do about speeding in Cuckfield.....

Southern Weekly News - Saturday 30 April 1910

Cuckfield and Motor Speed. 

Situated on the London and Brighton road, which so many motorists have appeared to regard as their happy hunting ground, the old town of Cuckfield has its periodical sensations; hence the endeavour to obtain a ten-mile speed limit.

Vehicle in Church Street c1920.

Many a driver has descended the Town hill at a pace far too risky, seeing that at the bottom of the High-street there is to be found one of the sharpest and most dangerous turnings between Brighton and London. As a matter of fact, Cuckfield is full of sharp corners that do not permit of “putting on the pace,” and, failing the straightening out of these corners, some protection from careless drivers is felt to be necessary. 



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