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1911: The deer gave them the slip

Two villas at Anstye, near Cuckfield, were damaged by a vivid stroke of lightning which accompanied Saturday's storm. The chimneys and roofing of one house fell in, and the slates and guttering of the other were torn away. Two ladies had narrow escapes from serious injury. Despite the torrential rain, the county staghounds turned out at Cuckfield, and at times huntsmen, hounds, and deer were swimming through meadows. Alter a long ‘run’ of this description the deer managed to slip the pursuers at Hurtspierpoint.

Dartmouth & South Hams Chronicle, 24 November 1911.

Picture: Title: The big game of North America. Its habits, habitats, haunts, and characteristics; how, when, and where to hunt it , 1890, by Shields, G. O. (George O.), 1846-1925. Wikimedia public domain image.

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.

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