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1912: Glorious weather for Cuckfield Band of Hope children's outing to Burgess Hill Pleasure Gardens

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 04 June 1912


The members of the juvenile Band of Hope were favoured with glorious weather for their annual excursion to the Victoria Pleasure Gardens at Burgess Hill on Thursday.

Band of Hope gathering at Brighton in 1913

Numbering about seventy, the party included many parents and friends, and the journey, which was commenced just after one o clock was accomplished in waggons kindly lent by Colonel S. R. Clarke, C.B., Mr. H. H. Burt and Mr. A. Beeching. On arriving at their destination the excursionists were soon engaged in sampling the many attractions which the gardens have to offer, the chief enjoyment being trips on the lake in the steam launch.

Victoria Gardens Leaflet circa 1910

Later on tea was served in the large hall, and after another romp the return journey was started, Cuckfield being reached about eight o’clock.

The Rev. E. V. Fenn and Miss Cooper superintended the arrangements, and Mr. T. Best also lent assistance.

For short film of Band of Hope in Brighton please click on the link.....


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