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1912: Mr Bevan's Birthday treats for Cuckfield

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Brighton Gazette - Wednesday 17 July 1912

Mr. R. A. Bevan’s Birthday.

Mr. R. A. Bevan, J.P., of Horsgate, Cuckfield, reached his 78th birthday on Sunday. He was born on 14th July, 1834, at Brighton; A well-known banker, his name is almost a household word in Brighton and Hove as “treasurer.”

His philanthropic interest is widespread. His residence at Cuckfield enjoys a lovely view of the South Downs, and his great delight is in the acquisition of anything appertaining to old-time Sussex in general and to old-time Cuckfield in particular.

Bevan's Cuckfield home (Horsgate c1900) had a fine view of the South Downs

The Queen's Hall at Cuckfield owes its interesting character and possessions to the support of Mr. R. A. Bevan, who is continually finding archaeological treasures to add to the collections at the hall.

Mr Bevan and family recently erected a lychgate at Cuckfield church in memory of the late Mrs. Bevan, who died in 1906.


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