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1914: Full size 'chocolate cottage' for £90

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Rowntree's ideal home? Created with AI using Bing Image Creator.

It may interest the members of the Cuckfield Urban Council who are tackling the housing question to know that in the grounds of their cocoa works at York, Messrs. Rowntree have built a small cottage in concrete, with all its fittings, drains, etc, complete for £90.

There are three bedrooms, a large kitchen, a scullery and a bathroom, and as it is a compact little dwelling all on the ground floor the saving in the housewife's labour is considerable. One excellent feature is that the bath room window is placed high up in the wall, so that instead of collecting on the ceiling, the steam escapes at once..

The £90 does not, of course, include the architect's fees and the cost of the land, but it is calculated that if built on any moderately priced land the cottage could be let for 2s 6d a week.

The Mid-Sussex Times, 20 January 1914

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.

Visit Cuckfield Museum, follow the link for details



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