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1915: Admiral Jellicoe replies to Balcombe boy's good wishes

Sussex Agricultural Express - Friday 03 September 1915


—A little Balcombe boy, whose father left England for the Front early in August, and who had listened earnestly to his mother's hope that he would reach France safely, also what a kind, good man Sir John Jellicoe was known to be, said he would like to write to the Admiral. Facilities were given him to so, and among other remarks in the letter he expressed the hope that Sir John Jellicoe would not be drowned. 

Admiral John Jellicoe c1920 (colourised)

To the delight of the whole family. Sir John Jellicoe replied as follows from H.M.S. 

"Iron Duke" -

“Admiral Sir John Jellicoe thinks it kind of James to hope he will not be drowned, and hopes that James's daddy will come back safely." The reply has been framed, and will be treasured, no doubt, for years to come. Now Jimmy has a little girl friend. She lives next door to him, and her father, also a soldier, is in England. She also wrote to the Admiral, and the reply she got was worded as follows:—

"The Secretary to the Commander-in-Chief, Home Fleets, is desired to thank Mildred for her nice letter, which Admiral Sir John Jellicoe has received. Sir John is glad to hear that Mildred's daddy served in the Boer War, and is serving now. and he hopes that will come home safely." 

Undoubtedly there are thousands of little children in the British Isles who are likewise thinking of their daddies and the brave leaders with whom they serve. It speaks volumes that, in spite their heavy responsibilities, time is made to send such kind words as the above, linking one and all to press forward in the common cause. 



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