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1915: Local Teenager killed in torpedo sinking of HMS Formidable

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 09 March 1915


—A temporary Roll of Honour sheet has been bought by the boys of the above Schools for erection during the war. Afterwards a permanent board will be erected as was done after the South African War. In that war four "old boys" laid down their lives for their country, but this number has already been exceeded during the present war, the total to date being seven. Two were Ansty boys, one came from Brook Street, and the remaining four from the urban district. The second Ansty boy was Bernard Arthur de Plumley Smyth (H.M.S. Formidable), who after attending the School for eighteen months went to live at Burgess Hill. He was seventeen years of age.

For the story of the sinking of HMS Formidable please follow the link...

HMS Formidable, 15,250 tons, pre-Dreadnought Battleship, launched in 1898, first commissioned in 1901 and torpedoed by German U-boat 24 on New Year's Day 1915 while on exercises.

Brass plaque, mounted on a wooden base and affixed to interior wall of the church. Previously at St John's, Ansty but moved to Holy Trinity Church on decommissioning of St John's on 25th Dec 2000.



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