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1917: Lantern Lecture entertainment for wounded soldiers at Cuckfield V.A.D Hospital

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Sussex Daily News - Friday 19 January 1917


The wounded soldiers in the Cuckfield V.A.D. Hospital, at the Queen’s Hall, greatly enjoyed the lantern lectures, which are given them from time to time by Mr. W. Herrington, Headmaster of the Cuckfield Schools.

Queens Hall c1900 - site of the VAD Hospital

Yesterday evening Mr. Herrington gave an illustrated lecture on ‘‘Algeria and the Sahara,” practically an interesting talk about camels, which Tommies have to deal with when campaigning in the East.

Mr. Herrington’s two previous lectures have been about ‘‘Medals,’” an exceedingly interesting subject to soldiers. No fewer than 142 slides were shown of these tokens.


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