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1918: Gunner Knight wounded

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

There came home last week from France, on ten days leave, Gunner WS Knight, RFA son of son of Mr and Mrs Knight, of Cuckfield. He has been ‘in the thick of it’ for the past 13 months, and has been twice

wounded - once in the left leg and also in the back of the neck. The Germans were bombing the station where he started from in France for Blighty last week. In the Channel the vessel encountered submarines, and on arrival at Victoria Station Gunner Knight found himself in the midst of an air raid.

Questioned as to how things were going over the water, he said ‘It's hell out there with the lid off. . The Germans are putting up a good fight. with both men and guns, and what we get we have to pay for. I have no doubt, though, that we are on the winning side, and if we could only get the Huns on the run we might finish the job this winter'. Gunner Knight is looking very fit despite all he has gone through.

Sussex Agricultural Express, 5 October 1917

Image: Wikimedia public domain image. A composite photograph taken during World War I by Frank Hurley that incorporated two separate images for dramatic effect

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.

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