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1923: Council debate the recreation ground

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 08 May 1923

Mr. Denman presented a cheque for £25 he had received from Mrs. Marriott which she stipulated should be used to provide covered rustic seats for the Recreation Ground. It was decided that the Clerk write to Mrs. Marriott thanking her for her kind gift.

Mr. Denman suggested that the Surveyor be authorised to roll and mow a cricket pitch for boys on the Recreation Ground and also a pitch for stoolball.

The clerk remarked that if the ground was to be made useful the Council would have to make provision for certain sports.

Cuckfield Recreation Ground c1950

Mr Burtenshaw said they seemed to providing entertainment for older people, but he understood the Ground was primarily to be a playground for children. He suggested they should erect some swings and provide a sand heap for the younger children.

The Clerk said if the Council put up swings they would be responsible for any accident that might happen. He could see no objection to a sand heap.

Mr Beeching said the children enjoyed themselves on the heap of sand on Whiteman's Green before it was used on the tarred roads.

On the motion of Mr. Burtenshaw it was decided to provide a sand dump in a place to be selected by the Committee.

It was also resolved to tar the path round the pond on the north side of the entrance road to the Recreation Ground.

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