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1926: Ban dogs from Cuckfield Churchyard

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Mid Sussex Times - Tuesday 2 February 1926

To whom it may concern - we have received the following letter from Cuckfield resident

Will you kindly allow me to raise protest against people being allowed to take dogs into Cuckfield Churchyard? The churchyard is consecrated ground, and I think it is perfectly disgraceful and disgusting to see dogs of all sorts and sizes roaming at large, on the graves, making the place nothing more or less than a dogs' playground.

Cuckfield Churchyard c2015

The state of some of the tombstones is disgusting owing to dogs’ filth being deposited. Surely the Committee would be doing a sacred act to forbid dogs being taken within the churchyard at all. Here, in the country, there are plenty of open spaces, where lovers of dogs, can take them, without going through the churchyard?



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