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1926: Bertram Mills rides again

Bertram Mills driving a four-in-hand coach at the Richmond Horse Show (1931)

Coaching on the historic route from London to Brighton will be revived to-day, when at 10.30 a.m., the Old Berkeley stage coach will leave the Hotel Victoria for the Hotel Metro pole, Brighton, where it is due at 6.15 p.m. The proprietors of this four-in-hand are Messrs. Bertram W. Mills and Claud F. Goddard. Forty horses will be used, and changes of teams will be made at Roehampton, Ewell, Reigate, Worth, Cuckfield and Hassocks.

The selected teams include Mr. Mills's famous blacks which, the year before last, won the International Horse Show Marathon and the road coach class at Olympia, and Mr. Truett's team which last season won first prizes in both the Richmond and Olympia Marathons and also the Lonsdale Challenge Cup.

The Old Berkeley coach will leave London each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday; and Brighton each Monday, Wed nesday, and Friday. The distance, to be covered between London and Brighton is about 60 miles, and the fastest coaching journey made was in 1886, by Jim Selby, who, on the Old Times, covered the out-and-home journey in seven hours and 45 minutes.

The Times, 1 May 1926

Contributed by Malcolm Davison.


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